Converts a string to camelcase.

Use re.sub() to replace any - or _ with a space, using the regexp r"(_|-)+".
Use title() to capitalize the first letter of each word convert the rest to lowercase.
Finally, use replace() to remove spaces between words.


from re import sub

def camel(s):
  s = sub(r"(_|-)+", " ", s).title().replace(" ", "")
  return s[0].lower() + s[1:]


camel('some_database_field_name') # 'someDatabaseFieldName'
camel('Some label that needs to be camelized') # 'someLabelThatNeedsToBeCamelized'
camel('some-javascript-property') # 'someJavascriptProperty'
camel('some-mixed_string with spaces_underscores-and-hyphens') # 'someMixedStringWithSpacesUnderscoresAndHyphens'