Creates a vertical masonry layout using HTML and CSS.

  • Create a masonry-style layout that consists of "bricks" that fall into each other with either a fixed width (vertical layout) or a fixed height (horizontal layout), forming a perfect fit. Especially useful when working with images.
  • .masonry-container is the container for the masonry layout. Within that container, there’s a div.masonry-columns, which will automatically put each child element, .masonry-brick, into the layout.
  • .masonry-brick must be have display: block to allow the layout to flow properly, while the :first-child of this class should have a different margin to account for its positioning.
  • CSS variables are used to allow for greater flexibility for the layout, while media queries ensure that the layout flows responsively in different viewport sizes.


An image
Another image
Another image
One more image
And another one
Last one


<div class="masonry-container">
  <div class="masonry-columns">
    <img class="masonry-brick" src="" alt="An image">
    <img class="masonry-brick" src="" alt="Another image">
    <img class="masonry-brick" src="" alt="Another image">
    <img class="masonry-brick" src="" alt="One more image">
    <img class="masonry-brick" src="" alt="And another one">
    <img class="masonry-brick" src="" alt="Last one">


/* Container */
.masonry-container {
  --column-count-small: 1;
  --column-count-medium: 2;
  --column-count-large: 3;
  --column-gap: 0.125rem;
  padding: var(--column-gap);

/* Columns */
.masonry-columns {
  column-gap: var(--column-gap);
  column-count: var(--column-count-small);
  column-width: calc(1 / var(--column-count-small) * 100%);

@media only screen and (min-width: 640px) {
  .masonry-columns {
    column-count: var(--column-count-medium);
    column-width: calc(1 / var(--column-count-medium) * 100%);

@media only screen and (min-width: 800px) {
  .masonry-columns {
    column-count: var(--column-count-large);
    column-width: calc(1 / var(--column-count-large) * 100%);

/* Bricks */
.masonry-brick {
  width: 100%;
  height: auto;
  margin: var(--column-gap) 0;
  display: block;

.masonry-brick:first-child {
  margin: 0 0 var(--column-gap);