Gets the size of an array, object or string.

Get type of val (array, object or string).
Use length property for arrays.
Use length or size value if available or number of keys for objects.
Use size of a Blob object created from val for strings.
Split strings into array of characters with split('') and return its length.

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Groups the elements of an array based on the given function.

Use to map the values of an array to a function or property name.
Use Array.prototype.reduce() to create an object, where the keys are produced from the mapped results.

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Unflatten an object with the paths for keys.

Use Object.keys(obj) combined with Array.prototype.reduce() to convert flattened path node to a leaf node.
If the value of a key contains a dot delimiter (.), use Array.prototype.split('.'), string transformations and JSON.parse() to create an object, then Object.assign() to create the leaf node.
Otherwise, add the appropriate key-value pair to the accumulator object.

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Renders a tree view of a JSON object or array with collapsible content.

  • Use object destructuring to set defaults for certain props.
  • Use the value of the toggled prop to determine the initial state of the content (collapsed/expanded).
  • Use the React.setState() hook to create the isToggled state variable and give it the value of the toggled prop initially.
  • Return a <div> to wrap the contents of the component and the <span> element, used to alter the component’s isToggled state.
  • Determine the appearance of the component, based on isParentToggled, isToggled, name and Array.isArray() on data.
  • For each child in data, determine if it is an object or array and recursively render a sub-tree.
  • Otherwise, render a <p> element with the appropriate style.

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Returns a sorted array of objects ordered by properties and orders.

Uses Array.prototype.sort(), Array.prototype.reduce() on the props array with a default value of 0, use array destructuring to swap the properties position depending on the order passed.
If no orders array is passed it sort by 'asc' by default.

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Returns the first key that satisfies the provided testing function. Otherwise undefined is returned.

Use Object.keys(obj) to get all the properties of the object, Array.prototype.find() to test the provided function for each key-value pair. The callback receives three arguments – the value, the key and the object.

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