Angular allows us to control the way module preloading is handled.

There are 2 strategies provided by @angular/router: PreloadAllModules and NoPreloading. The latter enabled by default, only preloading lazy modules on demand.

We can override this behavior by providing custom preloading strategy: In the example below we preload all included modules if the connection is good.

import { Observable, of } from 'rxjs';

export class CustomPreloading implements PreloadingStrategy {
  public preload(route: Route, load: () => Observable<any>): Observable<any> {
    return preloadingConnection() ? load() : of(null);

const routing: ModuleWithProviders = RouterModule.forRoot(routes, {
  preloadingStrategy: CustomPreloading

Note that that the example above would not be very efficient for larger apps, as it’ll preload all the modules.

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